Funk Munks
Chords on 6/19/2015
ANYDAY- A G F# F! G A / D C A / D G? 
Blues-01 .. in G with D-Eb-D turn 
Dock of the Bay  v: G  B  C  C B Bb  Ax2 // c: G E G E G A G E //b: G D C x3 G F D
Don't do it: G-C
Down in the Flood (dylan) C... BbAAbGF C  G C
Dreams D & C. Chorus : em over G7 F7 E7#9, am over C7, Bb7 A7#9.

Funky bitch: phish C blues w/Bb-G turn.
I'm Bad I'm Nationwide: C F. F F# bender
I don't need no doctor E G A .. (A C D?) /  BA.  Bridge: E-A x4, G E B E
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed CMaj7, Am7, CMaj7, Bm7 (a dorian)
Jeep on 35 ??
Love and Happiness E Eb Abm / B A Abm Gb / D Cm B

Medicated goo: D, CGD http://www.bagus.org/tab-city/index.jsp?dA=7617
Move on: B bluesy
Music Never Stopped A6 Bm7-5 A/C# D#o7 Dm/F A/C# D7 E -- A6 Bm7-5 A/C# D#o7 D E.  D E A. E F# Bjam
Ophelia: c/e/a/d/f/g cadg | f/c/g/c/f/g/g http://www.bagus.org/tab-city/index.jsp?dA=7616
People Say
Red house: hendrix Bb blues
Seventeen E A A E. C# B Ax E

Tell the truth: in E starts on A. riff:BDEE.. E Bx G Dx B  (Db Ab B?)
Texas flood: blues in F#
Them Changes: in d. criffs: ddfdcBbgg, aacagfdd
True Love B E x4 / F# G# E F# / B E x3 - C#m B end: C# E x3 B E
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