Help with understanding how everything works. on 9/22/1999
The site' structure is pretty bare and exposed in a lot of ways. Basically instead of creating subdirectories to hold content for a subtopic we create... well it is kind of ... to start with everything comes out of the same database.
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Basically, each page you go to has a topic, an x, a y and a z. When you visit the main page of a topic, like /orgs/noendyou then see the content that is slated for that topic with x="", y="", and z ="". When you click on a orange link, like "Wireless Technologies", you go to a page that has a topic of /orgs/noend/ and an x as "Wireless Technologies"

So a page may have an x, y, and z. Pages like http://www.bagus.org/orgs/noend/index.jsp?z=Wireless_Technologies&y=Service_Providers&f=z have both a "y" and "z" defined. There really aren't any examples of pages with x, y and z defined yet, but that would mean you had content 6 levels down from the bagus home page.

I mean that's a horrible explination, but that's basically how the whole thing works. Content gets assigned to pages. Pages can be configured by the administrator.

If you'd like to know more, please mail me at bagus@cyborganic.net

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