Major Upgrade Complete. on 3/4/1999
A new version of the Consumer Action site is now launched. It's like version 1.213443 or something. Check out this link to see what we did. The whole site is now run by the same file!!! Even the home page. Every bit of text you see comes out of code or the database.
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As of 00:00 hrs on 3/4/99 We've completed a major upgrade of the bagus/earth rescue/consumer action site.

New features are now difficult to explain. The whole concept of scope, type and subtopic has been replaced by the world of x, y, and z. Each x, y, and z is definable by the editor in the new listPulldowns section of the admin page. The section administrator is the only one who can administer the titles of each of the sub sections. including the name for the first item for each. Wow. --Geographic Scope is a thing of the past.

The home page has been made to be a copy of the issues pages and so has Resources. The About Us section was sucked into the system today too. I've made it a 10 virtual page mini site. That kind of looks good. The sub pages are all linked to by hyper links!

x for default was replaced by ! for default. It sorts the highest! I gained control over the display of the form at the bottom of the pages now, too!

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