More partnering Ideas!!! by Bagus on 3/13/1999
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What I'm building makes it easy to develop scalable web sites using only an internet browser.

For instance a journal could start a new section for every month, have each month's edition have lots of subsections. The subsection page would list titles of articles and link to them...either on the site or on someone else's.

And that's just the beginning of what it could do.

The journal would be able to design the site any way they like, but the catch is they don't have to design it at all because it works with out design. So the more about web standard technologies like html and style sheets they learn, the better they can make their site.

Let's see, another example of how it could be used.... field workers with portable computers or a palm pilot and a cellular modem could upload data right into your databases from the field.

I think that's exciting. I'd love it if we could work together to find some uses for the tools I'm building.

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