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Bagus.org Launches upon the world. on 3/11/1999
Yes verily on this day we did have Steve Hise skillfully modify the Cyborganic Name server to allow the use of the name http://www.Bagus.org to access this web site. Also today, we announce the first decent system for "displaying Choices". There is indeed some great rejoicing going on.
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It's version 2001 on 10/18/2001
Well it's been kind of hibernating since 1999, but bagus.org is awake again with the same features you know and love!
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Version 1.8 will have better article handling by Bagus from bagus.org on 11/14/2001
I'm working on version 1.8 right now. It at least will have the article formatting all done in the same page. Maybe the reviews will get better too. Also on deck are the infamous navigation redo and maybe sorting on the admin tables.
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Version 1.9 released on 11/30/2001
Version 1.9 has all the added features for Sex Ed Mom as well as fixes for bugs brought on by version 1.8. Click on the link for a list of all the bagus.org features.
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Version 2.0 Launched on 12/19/2001
New features in version 2.0 include the ability to have graphic replacements for text navigation! Also, I added a new style for titles of articles when they are on a page by themselves (dA). I also fixed it so you can merge to content areas into one. I added the "subheader" area so that you could replace the subtitle with a graphic. I put a wrapper div around all articles on a page so you could put a single border around all the dynamic content very easily. Plus, we got a new design thanks to David Sundrum.
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Version 2.1 launched with Portable Nav bars! on 9/31/2002
In the first version released since moving bagus.org operations to New Orleans, we've included some major upgrades to the navigation system and more...
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Version 3.0 on 9/27/2007
Written in JSP!
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3.0!!!! by Bagus on 4/6/2007
It's 2007 folks and version 3.0 is out the door! Fully functional! All systems go.
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