Help with Navigation by Bagus on 9/22/1999
This text will explain how you navigate the site.
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The Bagus.org web site has a few ways of being navigated. Like many web sites, you can find information you are looking for through the use of the search form. Other than that, it kind of works like Yahoo does. You select a main topic and then drill down from there.

You can select a "main topic" by using any one of the four blue pulldown menus you see at the top of your page. If you choose a menu, select an item in the menu, and then release your mouse button, you will be taken to that part of the site.

The layout and content you see in each of the main topics can vary depending on how the administrator of that topic wants it displayed, but normally you'll see the Bagus logo and the blue pulldown menus on top, and then a title for the main section you are in. Below that, if that main topic has more than one page of material, you will see any number of orange links like the one you clicked on to get the main help page.

So if the page has the orange links, you have a choice. You can either read the content below the links and explore the regular hyperlinks or you can click on one of the orange links to explore a subsection of that topic.

Subsections are allowed to have further divisions. You can see an example like that in our About Us section. On that page, you can see that within the About Us subsection, there are sub-subsections for "Donations" and "Mission" etc.

That's about all there's to it. The titles and subtitles on the pages should always tell you where you are on the site and the "Choices" will always tell you where you came from and where you can go from there within that topic.

What you are reading here is an example of an "Article Display" page. It is displaying the article titled "Help with Navigation". You get to "Article Display" pages whenever you click on a regular hyperlinked article title anywhere on the site. To go back to the main help page, use your back button or click here.

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